Top 10 things to see in Mallorca

When you think of Mallorca, Caribbean-like beaches, breathtaking hikes and crystal clear waters comparable to those of the Maldives, are not the first things that come to mind. Sadly this magnificent island suffers from a party reputation, mostly thanks to Western European students and hardcore bachelor parties, who conquer the island’s cheap beach resorts during the summer months. Yet you’ll be surprised how much more Mallorca has to offer and take it from someone who has seen the picture perfect beaches of Tulum, Mallorca is just as great. I know… shocker… but wait until you see the pictures!

So if you are like me and enjoy discovering the beautiful nature of a country, this post about Mallorca is perfect for you!

14586282-Map-of-Mallorca-Stock-PhotoBelow you will find a description along with some tips of the top 10 places I’ve visited in Mallorca. Some of which had been planned beforehand and some I discovered along the way.

Insiders tip: we did everything by rental car as the possibility to visit these places with public transportation is very limited to nil. Book yours here

1. Cala Agulla

Cala Agullaimg_1174

My boyfriend and I booked a hotel in Cala Agulla as it was located exactly in the middle of every thing we wanted to see. Although we were not able to completely avoid the flock of partying tourists, Cala Agulla is truly a jewel of Mallorca. However, I am not going to lie, the beach can get very busy at times especially during the high season. There are two restaurants and a small bar located on the beach where crowds of hormonal young adults like to gather and play their loud music. Nonetheless, don’t be scared off by the chaos at the entrance of the beach and walk all the way towards the end. Trust me! Neither the families with armies of toddlers nor the partying students have the patience to make that walk, so you can be sure of a quiet spot in order to completely enjoy the scenery.

Cala Agullaimg_4336

Insiders tip: rent a canoe or paddle bord and discover the isolated Cala Moltó located right next to Cala Agulla! 

The biggest benefit of Cala Agulla is the fact that the resorts are located 5 minutes away from the beach and thus do not pollute the view. Yet the city of Cala Agulla itself is made up of hotels and restaurants that cater the needs of German tourists by offering bratwürst and schnitzel on their menus – not the place to eat if you are like me and prefer to go to more local and authentic places. So, instead take a 15 minute walk to its neighboring fisher village ‘Cala Ratjada’ and enjoy a meal with a view on the harbor. One restaurant that I can absolutely recommend, although not owned by locals, is El Cactus. The atmosphere is fantastic and the food delicious – its not the cheapest but so worth it! If you go, definitely try their Gnocchi with a sauce of Sage uhuuummmm.

Click here for the directions from Cala Agulla to the best restaurant in Cala Ratjada El Cactus

2. Mirador es Colomer 


This breathtaking ‘Mirador’ was one of the places we discovered on the way when we noticed numerous cars stopping and groups of people getting out to see something. So we decided to pull over and discover what was attracting these herds of people. Oh, for the ones that don’t know me yet, I am absolutely obsessed with mountains. Probably because I was born in a country that is flatter than a pancake! so you can only imagine how I felt seeing this place… yes indeed in complete awe! It is definitely a place that attracts a lot of tourists, so in order to take a ‘private’ picture you might have to wait some time. But seeing as it is on the way to Cap de Formentor why not pop out of your car to quickly grasp in this amazing view.

3. Playa de Formentor


No this is not Bora Bora… this is Playa de Formentor! I know I couldn’t believe it as well. This tranquil beach is located on the way to Cap de Formentor and thus is the perfect spot for a refreshment form the road trip and for €5 you can park right next to the entrance of the beach – so no need to hassle with all your things. Playa de Formentor can thanks its peacefulness to Hotels like the five-star Barceló that border the beach and whom cater a complete different category of public compared to that of Cala Agulla.


Insiders tip: Walk all the way to the left side of the beach upon arrival for a private spot. There is even a small uninhabited island at swimming distance in case you are feeling adventurous! 

4. Cala Figuera


Cala Figuera was on of those hidden diamonds that we discovered by pure luck. It is by far the best Cala in Mollarca with the extreme contrast of the rocky mountains and the crystal clear waters. Although the Cala does not have a sand beach, the hike alone with this view is totally worth it. In fact I would advice you to bring some good shoes with you because you have to make quite the climb to get down there – so this Cala is only for the adventurers amongst us. However, this also means that families with small children and big tourist groups avoid it completely and thus once you made it down you can enjoy the scenery in complete peace. But be careful! There are two different Cala Figuera’s in Mallorca, so make sure you go to the one on the way to Cap de Formentor and not the one in Santanyí.

Insiders tip: To get into the water you have to walk over many loose and slippery tones. Hence it might be handy to bring some water shoes!

5. Cap de Formentor


Cap de Formentor comes right out of a fairytale, especially when the sun sets and slowly kisses the mountains and the sea goodbye. When in Mallorca this is an absolute must see! It is the perfect way to end a beautiful trip in Mallorca’s Northern Peninsula. There is a small restaurant with toilets located inside the lighthouse where you can buy a small snack and something to drink for an abnormally high price in case you finished your whole picnic already at Playa de Formentor! However be careful as the roads are very dangerous and narrow, so I strongly advice you not to drive back in the dark as accidents are very possible due to absence of streetlight.

6. Playa de Muro


Playa el Muro was one heck of an experience for us! It’s this long stretched Caribbean beach with shallow warm water that makes you believe you just spend €1000 on a plane ticket to Cancún. The best thing about it is that a large part borders a nature reserve in stead of beach resorts! HOWEVER… that best and most quiet part also happens to be the nude part… yeah you read that correctly. So conclusion, great place for a beach day but don’t be shocked to see some things you might prefer not to see.

7. Capdepera 


Capdepera is a little local mountain village located about 10 minutes away from Cala Agulla and build around a Castle. We decided to visit this Castell Capdepera on our way back to the airport but we instantly regretted not having come before. There were many cute local restaurants and the city was very romantic. So I urge you to pay a visit, especially if you are staying in Cala Agulla!

Castell Capdepera is a 12th century fortress built to protect the people against pirates who regularly came to plunder villages. It is a great place to observe some of Mallorca’s history in between the refreshing dips in the Mediterranean sea. Tickets are about €3 and children are free.

8. Cala S’ Alumnia 

cala-salumniacala S' aluminaimg_1271

Cala S’Alumnia is an adorable little Cala with few people and rocks perfect for some spectacular jumps into the sea. It is very isolated and peaceful and the little mysterious village next to the waters makes the Cala ever more intriguing. Yet the stones do not make it the most comfortable Cala – and trust me a towel is not going to make it more comfortable, so its not the spot to hang around the whole day. Therefore take a nice picnic here, make some daring jumps into the sea and hike around the mountains to discover the rocky coast of Mallorca.

9. Calo des Moro


This was one of my favourite Calas of Mallorca! Why?

  1. It has a a soft sandy beach and thus its perfect to lay down the whole day
  2. The water is so blue and there are no rocks laying at bottom so again points on comfort!
  3. No herds of families with children! They tend to stick to big Calas with all sorts of facilities available
  4. Number 3 already mentioned it, no facilities! so this Cala is pure nature. It’s even dangerous to climb down the mountain to get there… probably also why there were no kids
  5. It’s surrounded by big rocky mountains, or hills however you call them. In The Netherlands we would call those things mountains. It isolates the Cala completely and makes it so much more beautiful

Insiders tip: Cala S’ Alumnia and Calo des Moro are connected by a nice footpath in the hills. So you only have to park your car once!

10. Cala Mondrago


To be honest I had to take this picture of the internet as mine were not worthy at all to go on here. But it doesn’t make the Cala less worthy of your visit! Cala Mondragó is much more touristic than Cala S’ Alumnia and Calo des Moro. Hence, it’s less relaxing due to the busy and chaotic beach. But what I found so special about this Cala is the fact that it is surrounded by a pine forest where you can enjoy various nice little hikes. They even suggest some routes at the entrance! We visited this Cala almost at the end of the afternoon after we had spent the day at Cala S’ Alumnia and Calo des Moro. It was perfect as it was on the way back to our hotel and the beach was not so crowded anymore.

I hope that this post made you consider Mallorca for your up coming holidays! Have any tips or comments? leave a comment below.

X Didi


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