1 day in Acapulco

For the ones that follow us on Instagram know that I just had a mini-vacay in Acapulco. About a month ago I moved to Mexico-city and one of the perks of that, is that my weekend getaways went from Paris to out-of-this-World Pacific paradises!

Back in the 50s Acapulco was the place to be with regular visits of A-listers such as Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor and John F. Kennedy. However, over time its glorious reputation tarnished mainly due to overcrowding and places such as Cancún and Cabo having now taken over. Yet the city remains a popular weekend gateway for many Mexicans who live in the capital – just a 4 hour drive away.

Las Brisas Acapulco 1Acapulco_31

For the ones that want to relive those years of glory, hotel Las Brisas is made for you! An ‘old Hollywood’ hotel decorated with a decor straight from the 60s and located on a hill giving each villa a breathtaking view on the ocean and/or the Acapulco bay. The average price for 1 night in a villa with private pool, including a small breakfast, is $3,500 Mexican Pesos – about €170.


Every villa in Las Brisas is unique and therefore they all have different views. So I decided to put together some tips that will help you select the best villa in order to make your stay even more memorable!

  • There are 5 levels of villa’s on the hill and the villa’s with numbers in the 300 and 400 are located right in the middle of the hill and thus benefit from the best views! Not too far and not too close to the sea
  • Try to avoid booking a villa with ‘Ocean view’ as there is a hill in between that blocks the actual view for the majority of the villa’s
  • Villa’s with a view on the Roqueta Island can enjoy both the Acapulco bay and the ocean. In fact, they are also one of the few rooms that can see the sunset!
  • Rooms with a view on the Acapulco bay cannot see the sunset
  • Las Brisas allows you to visit the available villa’s in your price range before you pick the one that you like the most! Just ask before the check-in at the reception

We had a look at villa 266 and 433 before we checked-in and although villa 266 had an amazing view on the Acapulco bay and the swimming pool had a lot of privacy, it had limited sun during the day – actually at 15:00 there is no more sun on your terrace – and its biggest disadvantage was that it had no view on the sunset. Hence we went for villa 433! I actually think this is the BEST villa of Las Brisas as it literally has all the views; the Acapulco bay, Roqueta Island, the ocean and most importantly the sunset that you can watch straight from your bed!

So what are you waiting for? Click here to book your room as quick as possible and remember to ask for room 433 – you can thank me later!


If you weren’t convinced yet wait until you hear how breakfast is basically served to you in bed…yeah no jokes! Every morning they bring a small breakfast existing out of some muffins, fresh fruits and coffee, which they put in a little compartment of the villa next to you bed – and as a very light sleeper I can tell you not to worry because these employees had some G.I. Joe training as you just don’t notice a thing!


On our way back to Mexico city, we made a stop at a local and absolutely delicious sea food restaurant called Las Gaviotas con su amigo Paco.


It is a bit of a ride but if you are looking to experience the Mexican culture by eating more locally and for a fair price, this is absolutely the place to be! I recommend the fish Robalo a la talla (the one from the photo above). It is $450 Mexican pesos (about €22) by the kilo and they show you the fish before they cook it. It’s finger linkin’ good!

Click here for the directions to the restaurant from Acapulco Bay!

Although short, I hope I excited you enough to consider a visit to Acapulco but most of all to Hotel Las BrisasIt really was an experience of a life time!

X Didi


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