About Didi and Yas

Didi (Damaris) and Yas (Yasmin) met each other in 2011 whilst studying Product Design at a prestige art school in the Netherlands. They quickly became close due to their love for traveling and an international friendship was born. Didi, who is Dutch, has lived in several different places such as London, Cairo, Seville and is currently living in the metropolitan jungle of Mexico-city. She has a great love for Latin cultures and Ragdolls. Her ultimate dream… to wake up in a bed full of Ragdoll kittens – THEY’RE SO FLUFFY! Yas, on the other hand, is a feisty Brazilian from the south of Brazil who has lived in Seville, Turin and currently resides in Arnhem (For the ones who have no clue what or who Arnhem is, it is a city located in the west of the Netherlands). Her mood is directly related to food – you know that ‘you-turn-into-a-rotten-diva-when-you’re-hungry’ Snickers commercial… yeah thats her, the word Hangry was made for her! Besides eating, her other hobbies include learning new languages and pinteresting.

Although currently an Atlantic ocean separates the two besties, traveling is what keeps them together. Both Didi and Yas are passionate about getting to know different cultures and love to share travel tips, stories and itineraries with each other and now want to share them with you!